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Board Positions

Below is a list of the CICS board positions and their duties.

Become a board member.

3-year term

The Commissioner shall preside over all meetings of the board and be the representative of CICS with all outside parties. The commissioner shall either carry out or delegate to another board member all duties deemed necessary for the operation of CICS.



  • With input from the Board and others, establishes, communicates and reinforces the short and long term vision
    and goals for CICS

  • Represent the CICS as spokesperson

  • Review CICS rules and policies and make recommendations to the CICS Board

  • Represent the CICS at all meetings with outside or affiliated groups upon invitation or request

  • Prepare agendas for CICS Board meetings

  • Ensure that all programs, policies, and directives of the CICS Board are carried out

  • Enforce the Articles of Incorporation/Bylaws

  • Preside at all meetings of the CICS Board

  • Appoint leaders and members of CICS committees

  • Appoint extra board members, if needed

  • Sign checks, together with the Treasurer, to disburse CICS funds.

  • Assume leadership duties and responsibilities in all areas of CICS

  • Delegate, if necessary, the carrying out of the duties listed above to the other members of the Executive Committee, Competition Director, At Large 1 and 2, Marketing Director, Treasurer, Secretary, or any other CICS Board Member

  • Recommend to the CICS Board the amount of individual or team fees needed to maintain CICS programs

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